Relationships with God & Other People (1 of 9)

I’ve done some relationship teaching podcasts in the past but this is a 9 part series where I try to look at the power of our own selfishness and the counterbalance of unconditional love.



Caveat Emptor - I have learned a lot more about this subject that I have not published as yet. I may one day but suffice to say that I am no longer married. My main lesson being that you really can't just choose someone to love as your wife or husband. Love is often a choice, but I now think that unconditional married love requires that you truly be in love first. 

So yeah, I do have a book about this as well which you can get from iTunes or Amazon. Again, I would rewrite quite a bit of this but I still think a lot of it is worth a read. 

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Relationships with God & Other People (3 of 9)